Old Bert

“The name Old Bert: that’s what friends called Albert Michler, according to witnesses”.

Old Bert Spiced Recipe Nr. 120

Old Bert Spiced Recipe No. 120 is a premium spirit made with Pot still rum from Jamaica. Blended with spices, including Persian lime, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, peppercorns. With a rounded taste of rum, spice and toffee, the Old Bert Spiced Recipe No. 120 best enjoyed when simply served over ice with coke, tonic or ginger beer and a couple of fresh orange or lime wedges.

Content → 100% Jamaica Pot Still Sugar 34 g / 1 L 100% natural macerate from various spices.

Scentvery intense, typical rum, with a citrus note.

TasteTypical pot style rum, pleasantly sweet, citrus vanilla fruity, slightly piquant.

Labelis all around the bottle, i.e. without a back label. In the middle there is a visualization of old Bert in a cylinder. You couldn’t see your face on purpose. The themes on the label are supposed to represent the virtual world as Bert envisioned it, fantasy car with apples — a symbol of paradise, bizarre animalstoucan, monkey, flying lizard, snakes. The continuous elements are red, pink, blue and of course black. Label material is fine paper with structure Gol foil embossing as a base on the main logo, some fonts etc. Embossing for plasticity in the entire room (e.g. name, tree, etc.). All graphics are hand painted by a young artist, everything is original, specially and once painted only for this project.


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