Old Bert

“The name Old Bert: that’s what friends called Albert Michler, according to witnesses”.

Old Bert – Recipe No. 120 – Classic Spiced


Old Bert Classic Spiced Recipe No. 120 is a premium spirit made with Pot still rum from Jamaica. Blended with spices, including Persian lime, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and peppercorns. With a rounded taste of rum, spice and toffee, the Old Bert Spiced Recipe No. 120 is best enjoyed when served simly over ice with coke, tonic or ginger beer and a couple of fresh orange or lime wedges.

Content → 100% Jamaica Pot Still, Sugar 90 g/1 L, 100% natural macerate from various spices.

Scentvery intense, typical rum, with a citrus note.

TasteTypical pot style rum, pleasantly sweet, citrus vanilla fruity, slightly piquant.

Labelthemes on the label The label wraps all around the bottle, i.e., without a label on the back. In the middle there is a picture of old Bert in a top hat. You can’t see the face on purpose. The themes on the label are meant to represent the virtual world as Bert envisioned it, a fantasy car with apples – a symbol of paradise, bizarre animals – toucan, monkey, flying lizard, snakes The continuous elements are red, pink, blue and of course black. The label material is fine paper with structure Gold foil embossing as a base on the main logo, some fonts etc. Embossing for plasticity in the entire area (e.g. name, tree, etc.). All graphics are hand painted by a young artist, everything is original, painted specially and once exclusively for this project.

Old Bert/Alte Bert, witnesses say that Albert Michler’s friends called him this.”

Old Bert – Recipe No. 130 – Winter Spiced


Old Bert Winter Spiced Recipe No. 130 — 100% natural macerate from various seasonings (e.g. Persian lime, orange peel, vanilla, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and spices from Chili Trinidad Moruga Scorpion).

Content → 100% Jamaica Pot Still, Sugar 90 g/1 L, Bottle 70 cl, Alcohol 40% vol.

TasteTypical pot still rum, pleasantly sweet, citrus and vanilla fruits, spicy.

Product Category → Spirit based on rum distillate.

Competitor ProductsBeach House Spiced, Bum Bu Rum or Don Papa and similar.

LabelThe label wraps around the bottle, so it’s without a back label. In the middle is a visualisation of ‘Old Bert’ in a top hat and winter fur coat, in a winter landscape at full moon. Intentionally you cannot see his face. The topics on the label are meant to depict the virtual world as Bert imagined it – a flying airship and full moon in the background with a snowy night sky and bizarre forest animals in winter. The continuous elements are black and blue. The label material is a noble, structured paper. It has a silver foil embossing as a base on the main logo and some fonts, etc. The embossing belies a vividness all over (e.g. the name, tree, etc.).


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