In the past two years we visited some interesting rum events around Europe. Our hard work was paid off and we won decent number of awards. Let us show you some of our achievements.

In the Spring of 2016 our team travelled to Madrid where the International Rum Conference was held. During two days of the event we were overwhelmed with awesome rum scents and flavors. Many remarkable spechees about new market trends and a rum production we had a chance to hear. An absolute winner was our Albert Michler Artisanal White Rum 40%, which was honored with DOUBLE GOLD. Another award-winning was Albert Michler Overproof Rum 63% with its GOLD medal and, last but not least, Albert Michler Jamaica Dark Rum 45% with SILVER.

We attended the annual German Rum Festival in Berlin in October 2016. In this unique event you could find an enormous selection of the world’s best rum products. As we hoped, we were enriched with the information about the newest trends and products in the industry. And the tastings. We tried a lot of great rums. Anyway, the main reason we were there was to spread our love for a great rum. Three of our products were awarded Austrian Empire Navy Rum Reserva 1863 and Austrian Empire Navy Rum Solera 18 both won a SILVER medal and Albert Michler Overproof Rum 63% won BRONZE medal.

At the end of October 2017 we were pleased to go to Spain again, but this time to Barcelona! The Barcelona Rum Congress (BRC) was a great event were we met our old friends and make the new ones too. The event offered us an exciting new trends in the rum and mixology industry and the amazing speeches by the rum experts. Again, we didn’t leave the BRC without medals. Albert Michler Overproof Rum 63% and Albert Michler Jamaica Dark Rum 45% both won BRONZE medals.

Overall, with the rum we were able to taste and all the exceptional people we met in these past events, we loved time spent there. Hope we can go again this year!